Woman who experiences freedom from trauma after EMDR therapy

The Simple Power of EMDR Therapy: A Therapist Who Gets You

Managing emotions, Neurology

Trauma can negatively impact an individual’s life and well-being for years, even decades, after the traumatic event has passed. Trauma is a natural survival response to any life-threatening situation. If you’ve experienced trauma, you may notice how it seems to intrude into everyday situations. Trauma can impact: Our brains heal from trauma. In fact, like a wound that simply needs

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I can’t Focus. Do I have ADHD? What’s Happening Inside Your Brain When You Have Trouble Paying Attention

Anxiety, Neurology

Sometimes focusing our attention feels impossible. As soon as we settle down at the computer, or into a conversation, we can find ourselves darting around, proverbially switching channels back and forth. We can start to wonder, “Do I have ADHD?” Today we’re going to look at what actually happens in the brain when we have trouble focusing. Whether or not

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Listening is “fixing”: how to help your partner when they’re sad or scared

Healthy Relationships, Managing emotions, Neurology

“I don’t want you to just fix the situation – can’t you just hear me?”  For many couples this is a familiar rough spot. Maybe one partner is overwhelmed by something difficult, and the other partner – often well intentioned – responds by finding solutions to the pain. This can be a place of contention and can escalate quickly. Each

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Setting a Centering Affirmation: How 1 Minute in the Morning Can Set You up for Success All Day.

Anxiety, COVID, Managing emotions, Neurology

Stress is everywhere these days.  You’re trying to stay afloat economically.  You’re concerned for the safety of your loved ones.  Some days just seem doomed from the start no matter the effort.  This toll on your body and mind diminishes your sense of hope and peace, until you find yourself grasping to the idea that the best you can hope

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Your Brain on COVID-19

COVID, Managing emotions, Neurology

Feeling unsure of how to respond in times like these can lead to panicky decisions while we seek control in an out of control world. In this blog, I respond to a CNBC article about the panic-shopping and panic-investing we are witnessing. I’ll go over the processes underlying our behavior and how you can help yourself cope. Hoarding Hoardes In

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