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Maybe you’re familiar with the pounding in your chest when you can’t calm down. When it’s difficult to sleep, difficult to focus, difficult to actually enjoy time away from work. When anxiety is difficult to control, the rest of our world feels off. It’s unbearable.

We provide counseling for anxiety in downtown Los Angeles.

We help you regain your sleep, your focus, your enjoyment of life through psychotherapy. Our counselors who specialize in treating anxiety can help you learn to manage anxiety so it doesn’t take control of your life. Find a counselor for anxiety that connects with you, and request a phone call so you can take the first step forward today.

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Regulate Anxiety

Suppressing or ignoring anxiety only works temporarily. Learn to regulate anxiety in a healthy way.

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Anxiety usually makes it difficult to get the sleep you need. Counseling for anxiety can help you feel rested throughout the day.

Focus on What Matters

When we’re anxious, we constantly switch tasks. Counseling for anxiety can help you focus on what matters.

Feel Comfortable Around Others

Anxiety can affect the way you interact with others, whether it’s an important meeting or a coffee date. Managing anxiety means feeling like yourself around others.

Reduce panic attacks

Panic attacks happen when anxiety boils “beneath the surface”. Learn new ways to cope with panic and to avoid another attack.

Assessment for Anxiety

Get clear insights. We provide psychological testing using empirically validated measures so you can get accurate feedback about the way anxiety is affecting you.

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