Why won’t my teenager talk to me?


Being able to tune in to what your teenagers needs will help break the silence in your relationship. Your teenager has always been moody.  It seems like this is just expected to be a part of this passage into adolescence.  However, it can feel confusing to suddenly notice things seem even more frustrating as your teen is now hardly talking

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Can changing the way you listen help you feel more connected with your teen?

Healthy Relationships, Managing emotions, Parenting

It can feel difficult to know how much of ‘their own space’ to give your teenager while still knowing that you need to be their parent. Learning to change a few of the things you are doing may help your teenager feel more heard and understood and bring a deeper connection that you’ll both benefit from in your relationship. Adolescent

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Successful Transitions: Back to School

COVID, Parenting

“How can parents best support their child during this time? We’re joined by Melissa Winfield, licensed clinical psychologist at Here Counseling in downtown Los Angeles, to discuss.” Melissa Winfield, PsyD was interviewed by AirTalk with Larry Mantle for KPCC. The intervew with Dr. Winfield begins at 35:00. Back-to-School Back-to-school looks different this year. After a year and a half of the pandemic, kids, parents

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A guide to encouraging your teenager during a world pandemic: even though you’re tired

COVID, Healthy Relationships, Parenting

Life has looked a bit different these days. Instead of carpooling to soccer practice and planning birthday parties, you have helped your children set up their virtual classrooms and are doing anything to keep boredom at bay. Personal stressors arise for you as you navigate this uncertain time as a parent but how does a world pandemic look through the

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