How to stop a Panic Attack: Video Explanation


A panic attack can be really scary and overwhelming. A lot of people can get frustrated with themselves when they experience a panic attack. It can be something that happens constantly and as a “regular” thing in your life. Because of that, you don’t feel comfortable going out in social settings or to work or other places where you fear

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EMDR Therapy Relies on One Really Simple Gimmick: An Understanding Therapist

Anxiety, EMDR, Managing emotions, Neurology

Maybe you’re wondering about how EMDR therapy can treat trauma. Trauma can negatively impact an individual’s life and well-being for years, even decades, after the traumatic event has passed. Trauma is a natural survival response to any life-threatening situation. If you’ve experienced trauma, you may notice how it seems to intrude into everyday situations. Trauma can impact: Our brains heal

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I can’t Focus. Do I have ADHD? What’s Happening Inside Your Brain When You Have Trouble Paying Attention

ADHD, Anxiety, Neurology

Sometimes focusing our attention feels impossible. As soon as we settle down at the computer, or into a conversation, we can find ourselves darting around, proverbially switching channels back and forth. We can start to wonder, “Do I have ADHD?” Today we’re going to look at what actually happens in the brain when we have trouble focusing. Whether or not

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Listening is “fixing”: how to help your partner when they’re sad or scared

Healthy Relationships, Managing emotions, Neurology

“I don’t want you to just fix the situation – can’t you just hear me?”  For many couples this is a familiar rough spot. Maybe one partner is overwhelmed by something difficult, and the other partner – often well intentioned – responds by finding solutions to the pain. This can be a place of contention and can escalate quickly. Each

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Why Depression May Feel Stronger this Season, and Two Ways to Increase Your Emotional Resilience

COVID, Managing emotions

Depression can feel overwhelming during the holidays. There’s a few reasons for that. Our traditions and gatherings can usually remind us not only of the ways we are connected and grateful, but also the ways we can sometimes feel alone and isolated as well. This holiday brings with it an uninvited guest: a recognition that for many of us, this

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Therapy from Home: Working Through Depression

Managing emotions

Too often, depression is dismissed as sadness. When this happens, people who are depressed receive trite and unhelpful comments: “You’re just feeling sad” “You just need to get out” “Just look on the bright side” “Just go exercise” Depression is different than sadness Sadness is a common, everyday emotion. We feel sadness when we’re aware of having lost something important

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Therapy from Home: Managing a Panic Attack

Anxiety, COVID

Panic attacks can be scary. People experiencing panic attacks can often mistake it for a heart attack: pain or tightness in your chest, shortness of breath, and racing thoughts. In this video, I’ll walk you step-by-step through a panic attack. Set a timer. Panic attacks often last between 15-60 minutes. Practice box breathing. I’ll walk you through how to breathe

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