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Get the answers you're needing through psychological testing

Without understanding it’s almost impossible to find the right path forward.  We scour the internet, ask friends, read articles, hoping to find answers. Maybe it’s not clear whether the issue is ADHD or ODD, anxiety or depression. We can feel lost as we struggle to find a path forward.

We provide psychological testing in Pasadena and Los Angeles.

We help you clarify the problem, gain insight into yourself, and take real steps toward healing.  Our psychologists who specialize in testing can provide you with a clear diagnosis, your areas of strength, and a clear path forward. Schedule an appointment below.

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1. Initial interview

In the initial interview, you’ll clarify goals for testing. Your psychologist will then hand-select testing measures that address your goals.

2. Assessment Meeting

We’ll administer psychological tests, which usually involve verbal and multiple choice questions and simple tasks. This sitting can range between 1-5 hours, depending on your goals.

3. Follow-up Review

We’ll create a report that gives you clear feedback about the results of the testing. We’ll also provide recommendations for treatment and next steps to help you move forward. 

Psychological Assessment Packages for Adults

Psychological testing can make sense of the mental health symptoms you're experiencing

You may not know why you aren’t feel well. Maybe you have been in therapy for years but still don’t have clarity. Maybe you are wondering if you need therapy. Psychological testing can clarify what is getting in your way and give you steps towards healing.

For example, maybe you’ve felt confused by different diagnoses: your primary care physician says you likely have Bipolar I that requires mood stabilizer medications, and your therapist suggests you have complex trauma that requires weekly psychotherapy. Psychological Testing can connect and make sense of these perspectives, giving you a wholistic perspective on what you’re experiencing, and helping you make the right decision for your treatment. This clarity can make the difference between feeling stuck for years, and getting the relief you need.

Our testing process provides an in depth understanding of both mental health symptoms and personality patterns to help you know what you need and why. You will receive detailed feedback including a plan of next steps. 


Psychological testing can give your immigration case the advocacy it needs

Navigating the United States’ immigration system is demanding, confusing and extremely stressful. A psychological assessment provides clear documentation that can help support your case.

Whether you are trying to get a waiver of inadmissibility, cancellation of removal, or legal status through asylum or VAWA, a psychological assessment can strengthen your case by helping determine extreme hardship or showing psychological impact of past trauma. Ask your attorney if a psychological assessment would help your case. 

Protect your child's best interest with an emotional status assessment for custody evaluations

Custody battles cause stress that no parent wants to experience. You want to protect your connection with your child and make sure they are shielded from conflict. Sometimes without psychological evaluation, the child’s best interest can get lost in the court. A psychological evaluation provides support and documentation of your capacity to manage the challenges of parenting. 


Psychological Assessment can help you get the accommodations you need at work

You want to succeed at work but certain requirements or expectations may make it impossible for you to thrive. Work accommodations often require an individualized psychological assessment to determine how your limitations are impacting work.

An assessment will provide a comprehensive look at of your mental health status and provide personalized recommendations for accommodations and treatment. A separate document will be provided to your employer with the necessary information regarding your limitation and recommended work accommodations. 


Psychological Assessment can help show you're ready for adoption

Adoption is an exciting process full of anticipation and hope! But there are a lot of hoops to jump through before you can bring your child home. For many international adoptions, a psychological evaluation is one of the requirements. Each country has a governing body that sets the requirements and screens applicants.

This evaluation provides documentation of your mental status to show that you are ready to take on the challenge of adoption. It is an in-depth assessment that explores your current wellbeing, mental health history, ability to bond and current relationship stability. This process meets country requirements but also gives you time to reflect on your strengths and plan for any areas where you may need support. 

Psychological Assessment Packages for Children and Teens

You may wonder if your child has ADHD but aren’t sure how to get answers. Maybe they’re struggling to hold attention, to stay focused on a task, or can’t sit still, even during activities they enjoy. Attention can be effected by many factors, and it’s important to understand what unique factors are contributing to your child’s range of attention.

Our psychological assessment package clarifies whether your child has ADHD or if something else is going on. We assess factors that cause similar problems in kids, like anxiety, depression, sleep problems, reading disabilities, and trauma. We’ll look at your goals and create an assessment to clarify your child’s diagnosis.

You’ll have a clear game plan of how to help your child. That plan may include therapy, skill building, strategies for home and school and a consultation with a pediatrician or psychiatrist. After the assessment, documentation can be provided to help get support through school. This comprehensive assessment gives you a clear understanding of what your child is experiencing, what their strengths are and what you can do to help them succeed. 


It’s hard to see your child struggle in school. You believe they are capable of so much more that what their current grades reflect. Many children have undiagnosed learning differences that, if left unrecognized, can impact their success throughout their education.

Our psychological assessment package looks at your child’s strengths and identifies areas where they may need more support in order to succeed in school. We take the whole picture of their wellbeing into consideration by assessing academic performance, social/emotional wellbeing, and cognitive processing. We then make recommendations that can help you support for your child at home and advocate for support at school.

Many schools require this assessment in order to provide accommodations. Help your child succeed academically and emotionally by getting a clear picture and steps of how to move forward. 


Psychological Assessment can give you a plan for emotional outbursts

All parents want their kids to be happy and confident. It is painful to see your child struggle and the restrictions, isolation, and transitions of the past few years have likely not helped.

If your child is experiencing sadness, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, or anger, it’s important to have a clear road map of what is going on and what they need. While this can be achieved in therapy over time, having a comprehensive psychological assessments kick starts that process. It provides a clearer picture of strengths and weakness and brings to light your child’s experiences and feelings that otherwise could take a while to understand.

An assessment is helpful if you want to make the most progress in therapy or if your child has been in therapy for a while but something seems to be missing. Let us help you find the missing piece. 


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