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Understand yourself through psychological testing
We help people clarify the core problem and find the right direction

When we don’t understand the problem, it’s almost impossible to move forward with the right solution.  We scour the internet, ask friends, read articles, hoping to find understanding. Not knowing where to go next can be frustrating, worrying, and overwhelming. It can make us feel hopeless and lost as we struggle to figure out how to heal.

We provide psychological testing and assessment in downtown Los Angeles.

We help you clarify the problem, gain insight into yourself, and take real steps toward healing.  Our psychologists who specialize in testing can provide you with a clearer understanding of your areas of growth, while also highlighting your areas of strength, and then provide concrete recommendations for your life and treatment.  Request a phone call so you can take the first step forward today.

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How do I know if psychological testing is right for me?

Psychological testing gives you clarity so you can take the right step forward. Psychological testing might be right for you if you're

Needing accommodations when returning to work
Stalling in talk therapy treatment
Wanting to establish your emotional and mental health for a custody case
Considering a major surgery that requires a psychological evaluation
Concerned about having a particular diagnosis, like ADHD or Anxiety

1. Initial interview

A psychologist will talk with you about your concern and develop goals for the testing process. We’ll hand-select testing measures that address your goals.

2. Assessment

We’ll administer psychological tests, which usually involve verbal and multiple choice questions and simple tasks. This sitting can range between 1-5 hours, depending on your goals.

3. Feedback

We’ll create a report that gives you clear feedback about the results of the testing. We’ll also provide recommendations for treatment and next steps to help you move forward.


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Let's get you on the path toward healing

Clarify the core problem

We cannot move forward when we don’t have a clear path. Engaging in testing may be your first step toward healing.

The right solution, the first time

One assessment provides clarity for treatment providers. This saves your time & energy by reducing the number of specialists you’ll need to visit.

Focus on What Matters

Thorough psychological assessment lays groundwork for treatment planning by showing us where treatment should focus and what your goals should be.

Peace of Mind

Not having a clear understanding of the problem can be overwhelming.  Clear feedback eases anxiety and gives a singular path forward.

Get a team of support

Our assessment team is comprised of multiple psychologists that collaborate on every case to ensure we give you the most accurate results.

Assessment for Anxiety

Get clear insights. We provide psychological testing using empirically validated measures so you can get accurate feedback about the way anxiety is affecting you.

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