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Therapists who want to grow their practice fall into one of two traps

The Group Practice Trap

Group practice therapists want a stable stream of referrals. Group practices provide built-in systems like office assistants, a quality website with good SEO, and furnished offices.

However, these systems come at a steep cost. Therapists have to pay 30-40% of their income to the group. Once the therapist reaches a steady income,


the percentage split becomes punishing and demoralizing.


These therapists are often not able to set their own hours, or even choose what kinds of clients to see. They’re treated like an employee.

Billing staff
Admin staff
Inflexible office space
W-2 employee constraints

group practice percentage split

The Solopreneur Trap

Solopreneurs want freedom and independence.  They usually either sign a long-term lease on an office (an expensive and large commitment), or sublet a furnished office (impedes growth due to limited office availability).

In order to be competitive, the solopreneur has to be a pro at website development, blog writing, social media, SEO, photo, video, and copywriting. Solopreneurs often quickly realize 


this is endless and exhausting work.


Some of these solopreneurs find their way through this trap, but many struggle to get consistent referrals streams from their efforts. Instead they have to lower their fee, reduce their hours, on top of large start-up costs.

Office lease
Website maintenance
SEO and Marketing costs
Office Supplies, WiFi
Furniture, decór
Clinical support (coaching/consultation)

$ 2400

private practice expenses per month

Yet more than anything, therapists want

Financial Freedom

Most therapists want the freedom to control their fee and finances. You don’t want to wait on a W-2 or have your fee determined by the group. You want to set your own hours, set your own fee, and choose how you’re going to serve your clients.

Consistent Referrals

It’s a good feeling when you can count on a steady stream of referrals. When you don’t have to guess whether you’re doing it right. When you can say “no” to clients who don’t fit your hours or specialty because you feel secure in your marketing.

Beautiful Office Space

You don’t want a generic office that has someone else’s degree or family pictures in it. You want a beautiful space that reflects the quality of your clinical work. A place that clients feel comfortable in and you feel proud of. You want to practice around other therapists who refer to you, and who you can trust as well.

Welcome to our solution: a co-practicing office space with built-in services to help you thrive.

In colloquial terms, Here Counseling is the WeWork for therapists. The offices are furnished, the wifi works, the coffee and water are there.

Get clients from a professional webpage as part of our directory, powered by strong SEO and Google Ad campaigns. Contribute to a collective blog, receive coaching on your copy, and display a fresh professional headshot.

Collaborate with your colleagues and stay sharp with weekly professional consultation groups. With about 8-10 people in the office, you’ll know your neighbors and be able to share referrals.

No more hierarchical group structures, no more being an employee… and also, no more expensive start-up costs, and scrambling to master SEO.

You're not just renting space. You're upgrading your practice.

We've gathered all the pieces you need to have a thriving private practice, so you can sit back and do what you do best: quality clinical work.

Practice in a office space that matches the quality of your clinical work
Never miss new client calls with a dedicated phone assistant
Supercharge referrals through our directory and powerful Google Ads campaign
Energize your clinical work with weekly consultation groups

Find the right words for your website today

Download your free copywriting guide. Our gift to you!

  • Find the right words to connect with new clients
  • Get rid of vague language on your profile
  • Learn how to use words that clients will connect with
Starting in California

We’re building a modern, beautiful office space in Downtown Los Angeles for our in-person therapists, and have a telehealth community of therapists throughout California.

Announcements for additional locations coming Winter 2020. If you’re interested in becoming a site director of a Here Counseling office, please indicate below.

Telehealth provider? Stay Connected and Stay Full

With recent changes in how we do therapy, many therapists are doing mostly video sessions.

This shift means you’ve had to adjust your practice. That’s why we’re offering a membership level just for you.

See your clients securely with our HIPAA compliant video therapy platform
Attend our weekly video consultation group
We’ll design a webpage around you, and powered by Google Ads and Facebook Ads
Receive scheduled new client calls from our phone assistant

Flexible membership plans

No percentage splits or W-2s, start-up costs or long-term leases, just a fair price for services to help your practice thrive.

Telehealth Membership
$ 550 Monthly
  • 4hr/wk office space, when needed
  • Online webpage powered by Google Ads / Facebook Ads
  • Weekly Consultation Group
  • Phone Assistant
  • Personalized Webpage
  • Professional Headshot
  • HIPAA Phone/Telehealth System
Part-Time Membership
$ 1000 Monthly
  • Furnished Office Space, three 4-hour blocks/wk
  • Online webpage powered by Google Ads / Facebook Ads
  • Weekly Consultation Group
  • Phone Assistant
  • Personalized Webpage
  • Professional Headshot
  • HIPAA Phone/Telehealth System
  • Marketing Coaching
  • Affiliate Code
Full-Time Membership
$ 1700 Monthly
  • Furnished Office Space for full practice
  • Online Webpage Powered by Google Ads / Facebook Ads
  • Weekly Consultation Group
  • Phone Assistant
  • Personalized Webpage
  • Professional Headshot
  • HIPAA Phone/Telehealth System
  • Marketing Coaching
  • Vacation package available
  • Affiliate Code

Apply for Membership

Membership is currently available starting in May of 2020, with limited spots available starting in California. We will schedule a phone call with you following your submission of this form.


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