happy couple who resolve conflict without feelings of abandonment

Take a Time Out: How to survive relationship conflict without abandonment

Healthy Relationships

Having the skills to stay engaged when relationship conflict arises can feel impossible. Sometimes, you wish you could push the eject button as soon as another argument begins. You find yourself remaining silent, or saying whatever you feel will “ease the tension,” even just for a moment. You feel desperate to quickly resolve the tension in whatever way you can.  

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teen gender conversation with their parent

Teenager Gender And Sexuality Exploration: How To Have Constructive Conversations With Your Teen


How do I know if My Teenager is Exploring their Gender and Sexuality? Have you noticed your teenager experimenting with the they way they dress? How about trying out how it feels to identify with different pronouns? Are they exploring the way they express their gender on social media? If you have noticed your teenager experimenting with gender expression through

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Why won’t my teenager talk to me?


Being able to tune in to what your teenagers needs will help break the silence in your relationship. Your teenager has always been moody.  It seems like this is just expected to be a part of this passage into adolescence.  However, it can feel confusing to suddenly notice things seem even more frustrating as your teen is now hardly talking

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Is this normal teenage moodiness or depression?

Managing emotions

Am I overthinking my teen’s moodiness?  Teen years are some of the most essential years for development and also bring a great range of experiences. Sometimes, in the midst of these many changes, teens may display an increase in expressions of emotional highs and lows. The teenage years are a time of self exploration and development which can feel exhilarating!

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clear your mind

Three simple steps to help you clear your mind and give you more energy.

Anxiety, Managing emotions

Do you ever have one of those nights – where you find yourself tossing and turning, your mind filled with thoughts and worries, “what ifs,” and feelings of uncertainty or fear? Sometimes these same feelings and thoughts pop up throughout the day, with a sudden sense of your mind racing, your heart rate speeding up, and breathing getting shallow. Suddenly,

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Can changing the way you listen help you feel more connected with your teen?

Healthy Relationships, Managing emotions, Parenting

It can feel difficult to know how much of ‘their own space’ to give your teenager while still knowing that you need to be their parent. Learning to change a few of the things you are doing may help your teenager feel more heard and understood and bring a deeper connection that you’ll both benefit from in your relationship. Adolescent

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