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You want to find a therapist that will make a real difference in your life, but feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Maybe you wonder – is this person right for me? Finding the right person matters – in fact it’s been proven to be the most important ingredient to the effectiveness of therapy.

We make the process crystal clear.

We attract the best therapists in the area through our co-working membership model. Each of our therapists are in private practice and do quality work. This means you can rest assured you’ll be with a quality, caring therapist who can help you take real steps forward in your life.

And each person listed here uses a secure video platform, so you can see your therapist from the comfort of your home.

Connor McClenahan

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Find calm in the midst of the storm. Our therapists guide you through emotional and relational health with free articles and videos made for the issues you're facing right now.


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Counseling for Anxiety

Gain control in your life again. Reduce panic, anxiety, and the worries that can keep you up at night.

Couples Counseling

Deepen you connection together. Learn to communicate with openness and overcome your most frustrating repeating patterns.

Counseling for Depression

Live with happiness again. Find a way through the difficulty and overwhelm so you can focus again on the things you love.

Counseling for Trauma

Experience freedom, finally. Trauma doesn’t have the last word. We’ll move through difficult memories and experiences with care, helping you to open a new chapter in your life.

Counseling for Panic Attacks

Learn to find calm. We can help you slow down and pay attention to your body, so you can cope with and reduce panic attacks.

Testing and Assessment

Get clear insights. A good diagnosis can change your life. We assess for ADHD, anger, addiction, and mood disorders.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles

While we provide therapy for anyone in California, our home base is Los Angeles. We’re located at 520 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 671.

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