Therapist giving ADHD assessment to client with ADHD to diagnose ADHD and comorbid ADHD diagnoses

ADHD Often Has a Counterpart: How Comorbid ADHD Diagnoses May be Affecting Your Focus

Managing emotions

Comorbid ADHD Diagnoses: What does it mean? Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder with a high frequency of comorbid ADHD diagnoses. A decade ago, many psychologists worried that ADHD was being “over-diagnosed.” However, in recent years, psychological research has proven that almost 10% of the population has ADHD (6 million children: 9.8%, according to the CDC).

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How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Relationships, Managing emotions

Setting healthy boundaries is always worthwhile, but as quarantine set in, this may have begun to feel like an impossible goal. You are not alone. As many of us find ourselves spending all our time in confined spaces with loved ones, recognizing and respecting one’s physical and emotional limitations is a challenge. Lots of people are finding themselves needing to

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