Your Brain on COVID-19

COVID, Managing emotions, Neurology

Feeling unsure of how to respond in times like these can lead to panicky decisions while we seek control in an out of control world. In this blog, I respond to a CNBC article about the panic-shopping and panic-investing we are witnessing. I’ll go over the processes underlying our behavior and how you can help yourself cope. Hoarding Hoardes In

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Dealing with Anxiety in the Age of the Coronavirus

Anxiety, COVID

With the coronavirus on everyone’s minds, social media pages, and news channels, it’s a scary world out there. “Should I buy more toilet paper?” “Is this runny nose a symptom?” “What if my kids’ school closes?” “How will I pay my bills if I can’t work or run out of sick days?” Many of us are feeling anxious and unclear

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Protecting Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Era with the Help of Telehealth

Anxiety, COVID, Managing emotions

Experiencing feelings of isolation, panicking about the scarcity of resources, and fearing for one’s health can be overwhelming during this time of uncertainty. Due to the threat of Coronavirus, we are being forced to alter the way we interact with colleagues, friends, and family, shifting our work and social schedules. Meetings and gatherings have been postponed or outright canceled. Many

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Should I worry about my anxiety? How to know when stress is more than just stress, and what to do about it

Anxiety, Testing and Assessment

Anxiety can be overwhelming.  Though we all feel stress, anxiety disorders can cause a person to become agitated, restless, or excessively worried over something others may see as small.  Anxiety can come in many forms, whether it’s Feeling your heart pound and palms sweat Negative self-talk Avoiding social situations Difficulty sleeping and calming down Racing thoughts and difficulty concentrating You

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