How to Fix a Bad Apology

Healthy Relationships, Managing emotions

The bad apology: We’ve all heard one. We’ve all used one. And when we do it feels so gross. “God, I’m SORRY!”“I don’t know what I did but whatever it is I apologize.”“I guess I’m sorry that you think I wasn’t listening.”“Look, I said I’m sorry. Why’re you still angry? No. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t help. Actually, a bad

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I can’t Focus. Do I have ADHD? What’s Happening Inside Your Brain When You Have Trouble Paying Attention

Anxiety, Neurology

Sometimes focusing our attention feels impossible. As soon as we settle down at the computer, or into a conversation, we can find ourselves darting around, proverbially switching channels back and forth. We can start to wonder, “Do I have ADHD?” Today we’re going to look at what actually happens in the brain when we have trouble focusing. Whether or not

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clear your mind

Three simple steps to help you clear your mind and give you more energy.

Anxiety, Managing emotions

Do you ever have one of those nights – where you find yourself tossing and turning, your mind filled with thoughts and worries, “what ifs,” and feelings of uncertainty or fear? Sometimes these same feelings and thoughts pop up throughout the day, with a sudden sense of your mind racing, your heart rate speeding up, and breathing getting shallow. Suddenly,

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Can changing the way you listen help you feel more connected with your teen?

Healthy Relationships, Managing emotions, Parenting

It can feel difficult to know how much of ‘their own space’ to give your teenager while still knowing that you need to be their parent. Learning to change a few of the things you are doing may help your teenager feel more heard and understood and bring a deeper connection that you’ll both benefit from in your relationship. Adolescent

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