How does EMDR work? Here’s why tapping your knees can make a fundamental difference in your relationships

Anxiety, Managing emotions

It’s so easy to get stressed out by the people around us. You have a parent with a different political or religious perspective than you. Your coworker consistently finds ways to push your buttons. Your partner can’t seem to understand how to squeeze the toothpaste correctly. Whatever it is, you’re a living, breathing unique individual in a world full of

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How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Relationships, Managing emotions

Setting healthy boundaries is always worthwhile, but as quarantine set in, this may have begun to feel like an impossible goal. You are not alone. As many of us find ourselves spending all our time in confined spaces with loved ones, recognizing and respecting one’s physical and emotional limitations is a challenge. Lots of people are finding themselves needing to

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A guide to encouraging your teenager during a world pandemic: even though you’re tired

COVID, Healthy Relationships, Parenting

Life has looked a bit different these days. Instead of carpooling to soccer practice and planning birthday parties, you have helped your children set up their virtual classrooms and are doing anything to keep boredom at bay. Personal stressors arise for you as you navigate this uncertain time as a parent but how does a world pandemic look through the

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Therapy from home: Three things you should be doing as a couple while quarantined

COVID, Healthy Relationships

With all the changes in our lives due the coronavirus and quarantine, our relationships are going to feel the strain. You are likely going to have more conflicts with your partner, simply by being around them more often. You also have the opportunity to deepen your relationship- therapy from home. In difficult times, our relationships can get stronger To really

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Dissolve Self-Criticism with these 3 steps

Managing emotions

You find yourself having grace and patience with people in your life but when it comes to giving those gifts to yourself… you are sure out of luck. As the current of life continues on it’s quick, unforgiving pace it is easy to be swept up in rigid expectations of self; expectations to be the most gracious mother, the most

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Therapy at Home: Moving through Meaninglessness

COVID, Managing emotions

During quarantine, many of us have felt not like ourselves, including feeling unproductive, lonely, bored, easily emotional, or lacking in meaning. To understand why this may be, we’re going to review Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow theorized that we are initially motivated by the lowest or most basic need. As those needs are met, we move up the hierarchy to

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