International Adoption Psychological Assessment: Common Questions

Testing and Assessment

You have decided to adopt internationally and are likely feeling very excited about what this means for you, your family, and the child you will bring home. Even though you’re excited, all of the steps in the adoption process may feel daunting. For many international adoptions, one of those steps is completing a pre-adoption psychological evaluation. In a previous blog,

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imposter syndrome

Feel like you’re never enough? Here’s 5 ways to combat imposter syndrome

Anxiety, Managing emotions

Are you good enough?  Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you’ve worked, someone will discover that you’re a phony? You don’t really know what you’re doing, but somehow you’ve convinced everyone that you deserve to be in the room. You don’t feel like you belong and, eventually, someone will realize that you don’t. For someone who really appreciates

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Listening is “fixing”: how to help your partner when they’re sad or scared

Healthy Relationships, Managing emotions, Neurology

“I don’t want you to just fix the situation – can’t you just hear me?”  For many couples this is a familiar rough spot. Maybe one partner is overwhelmed by something difficult, and the other partner – often well intentioned – responds by finding solutions to the pain. This can be a place of contention and can escalate quickly. Each

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Successful Transitions: Back to School

COVID, Parenting

“How can parents best support their child during this time? We’re joined by Melissa Winfield, licensed clinical psychologist at Here Counseling in downtown Los Angeles, to discuss.” Melissa Winfield, PsyD was interviewed by AirTalk with Larry Mantle for KPCC. The intervew with Dr. Winfield begins at 35:00. Back-to-School Back-to-school looks different this year. After a year and a half of the pandemic, kids, parents

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