International Adoption Psychological Assessment: Common Questions

Testing and Assessment

You have decided to adopt internationally and are likely feeling very excited about what this means for you, your family, and the child you will bring home. Even though you’re excited, all of the steps in the adoption process may feel daunting. For many international adoptions, one of those steps is completing a pre-adoption psychological evaluation. In a previous blog,

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Should I worry about my anxiety? How to know when stress is more than just stress, and what to do about it

Anxiety, Testing and Assessment

Anxiety can be overwhelming.  Though we all feel stress, anxiety disorders can cause a person to become agitated, restless, or excessively worried over something others may see as small.  Anxiety can come in many forms, whether it’s You may not know whether what you are feeling is typical stress, or signs of an anxiety disorder, and that feeling of not

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