Therapy for Anxiety, ADHD, and Relationship Issues


Discover what thriving looks like for you

I help adults and couples move from overwhelmed to thriving.

Have you been feeling as though there’s a dark cloud hanging over you that you just can’t shake? If sunlight breaks through, does it never seem to stick around long enough for you to feel confident that you can rely on it? Maybe you’ve struggled to maintain feelings of confidence and contentment for as long as you can remember. Maybe you can’t quite iron out your emotions or relationships in the midst a major life change. If you can relate to feeling anxious, sad, directionless, or distracted, I’m here to help. 

My clients aim to improve their lives by learning to thrive emotionally, vocationally, and relationally. I apply a creative lens to personalize practical solutions to your unique situation. You and I will work together to identify your strengths. We will incorporate them into coping skills to overcome the issues keeping you from achieving stability and emotional well-being. As we do this, we’ll identify the core values you wish to live by, so that the way forward feels clear. After all, when you know how you want to live your life, future choices become clear decisions. 

That’s why we’ll focus on the here-and-now: where the real change happens. Your past will come up as it informs your current feelings, thought patterns, and behavior. Your concerns about the future will help inform your goals we work towards. To alleviate your symptoms, we’ll identify the patterns causing them. Not only will you develop skills to cope with your symptoms when they next arise; you’ll learn to prevent or mitigate their negative effects altogether.

I know beginning or returning to therapy can be daunting, but making people feel at ease when discussing difficult, personal subjects is my specialty. I offer a free 15-minute call: a time for us to chat about what you are hoping to get out of therapy and how that matches with my specialties. I hope I’m the right fit for you but, if not, I’ll help point you in the right direction. By making an appointment today you’ll be taking an important step to make your life more satisfying, and full of moments that make you think, “This is what me thriving looks like.”


What kinds of problems do you help with?

I help relieve Anxiety, ADHD, and relationship issues. Making the decision to attend therapy to better one’s life, feel happier, and enjoy more meaningful relationships and careers is a brave one. I applaud my clients and admire the strength they’ve shown to say, “I want to feel more myself: more fulfilled, calmer, and present.” Therapy can help you learn to thrive.


How much do sessions cost?

My fee is $220/session for individuals and $250 for couples. I occasionally can accommodate sliding scale appointments. I offer super bills for out-of-network insurance reimbursement. Call our care coordinator with any questions about fee.


What do you like about being a therapist?

I pride myself on creating a safe, supportive, and welcoming haven for my clients. From this secure environment, we can recognize and hone their unique strengths. As I help them develop coping skills, they will use those strengths to identify and challenge existing thought, emotional, or behavioral patterns that no longer serve them. As we work together to accomplish their treatment goals, my clients take intentional steps towards positive change. My favorite part of therapy is watching my clients find peace with their past, discover fulfillment by learning to thrive in their present, and feel confident that their future self will be aligned with the strengths and values most important to them, thanks to the insights and skills they gained in therapy.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles

I practice at 520 S. Grand Ave, in suite 671. Parking can be found in Pershing Square or the Los Angeles Public Library.

I’m available for video therapy appointments