Counseling for Young Adults


There's a happy, content, thriving version of yourself waiting to meet you.

I help adolescents and young adults overcome life transitions and learn to thrive, especially during this time of increased fear, boredom, and lack of motivation.

You wish you didn’t have to get out of bed because you don’t have enough energy to make it through the day. Assignments are hard for you to finish, as your mind often wanders to other concerns. It’s difficult for you to stay focused in your virtual meetings. You feel like no one really understands you. You feel like no one really cares. You aren’t really sure of who you are and you feel alone at school, at work, and even at home.


There’s a real stigma against seeking mental health care, especially as an Asian American. Maybe you are afraid of shame or judgement from your family. There can be a pressure to downplay your struggle, to tell yourself “it’s not that bad”, or “I can just figure this out on my own”.


I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help. Getting support could help you take the first steps toward a thriving life. You really can be happy. You really can be content. You definitely don’t have to do it by yourself. Let’s start moving towards a thriving life, together.
3 Patterns that Keep You Depressed, and What You Can Do Today

When we’re feeling depressed, we can often rely on coping mechanisms that don’t work. This keeps us stuck in a depressive pattern. Rose So helps you understand common unhelpful coping mechanisms and what you can do to change it today.


What kinds of problems do you help with?

I help young adults address their feelings of sadness and anxiety, as well as symptoms related to relational issues, disordered eating, PTSD, and religiousness/spirituality.


How much do sessions cost?

My fee is $190/session. I occasionally can accommodate sliding scale appointments. I offer super bills for out-of-network insurance reimbursement. Call our care coordinator with any questions about fee.


What do you like about being a therapist?

My favorite part of my work with clients is when we finally reach the point in our work together where both of us can notice the changes that have occurred in the client's life. It's such a rewarding moment and reminds me of why this work is so important. It takes patience, effort, and hard work to get to that point together; the pay off of all that always feels incredibly valuable.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles

I practice at 520 S. Grand Ave, in suite 671. Parking can be found in Pershing Square or the Los Angeles Public Library.

I’m available for video therapy appointments