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Depression can feel like a cloud hanging overhead, that never leaves. It can feel endless – the low energy, the hopelessness, the isolation. When we feel depressed, the whole world can feel meaningless and it’s difficult to even ask for help.

We provide counseling for depression in downtown Los Angeles.

Psychotherapy for depression can give you the strength and tools to move through difficult feelings. Our counselors who specialize in treating depression can help you learn to regulate and cope with overwhelming feelings of sadness, depression, and isolation so it doesn’t take control of your life. Find a counselor for depression that connects with you, then contact us so we can set up a time to meet.

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Feel Like Yourself Again

Depression can constrict the connected, happy, and motivated parts of you. Therapy helps you recover those feelings.

Stop the critical voice

Depression can be a tug-o-war between sadness and critical anger. Learn to develop kindness and release yourself from criticism.

Find Hope During Difficult Circumstances

Lifting depression means discovering meaning in your life.

Gain the Emotional Skills You Need

Having the right tools helps you feel secure even in a large storm. Therapy can help you build internal coping skills that help you long after you’re out of therapy.

Connect with Those Closest to You

Depression is isolating. Therapy helps establish deep connections with those around you.

Assessment for Depression

Get clear insights. We provide psychological testing using empirically validated measures so you can get accurate feedback about the way depression is affecting you.

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