A Therapist’s Guide to Digital Marketing: Learn to master the marketing game and grow your practice


What it would feel like to finally coast in your private practice?

Maybe you’d be able to raise your rates, increase/decrease your client load, or bring on other clinicians. You’d have time every week, maybe every day, to do more of what you love. You wonder what your home life could look like, what your vacations could look like, what your relationships could look like if you had more to give, more to receive.

You went to school to learn to care for others and help them achieve a healthy life. You deserve to have the tools you need to achieve the practice and life you want. That’s where this workbook comes in.

I’m going to take you step-by-step through a 6-week practice overhaul.

By the end, you’ll be able to see marketing as a strategic game. You’ll learn to harness your empathy and clinical skill to connect with new clients using blogs, email, copywriting, video, ads, and social media. After immersing yourself in over 100 pages of interactive walk-throughs, you won’t be confused or frustrated, or wonder whether you’re doing the right thing. You’ll master marketing and see it as a game you can play to grow your practice.

  • Renew your vision for your practice
  • Find the right words for your profile
  • Develop a clear strategy that will propel your practice forward
  • Write blogs easily to improve your SEO
  • Feel confident shooting video, and avoid common mistakes
  • Use social media without exhaustion
  • Leverage Google for search traffic

This workbook will reignite your passion for your practice. It’ll build in you a strategic muscle that will benefit you for years to come. You have the courage it takes to create a practice that is both rewarding and purposeful. The journey starts now. Download your copy today.

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In this workbook you’ll learn:

  1. Clarify your Vision for your Practice
  2. Structure your Time
  3. Identify your ideal client
  4. Create effective copy
  5. Write SEO-worthy blogs
  6. Film compelling videos
  7. Use email marketing like a funnel
  8. Harness social media without exhaustion
  9. Use ads without wasting money
  10. Use the first session to market the therapy journey

You’ll have the tools you need not just to make money, but to achieve the life you want for your practice. By the end you’ll be able to

  • Think strategically about marketing
  • Communicate empathetically without being grabby
  • Avoid anxious pitfalls that can ruin your marketing
  • Work consistently without burnout