Counseling for Trauma and Relationships


Your life belongs to you. It’s time to live it.

I can help you make sense of your past to find hope for your future.

Stress is that pesky companion you never asked for. It messes with your sleep and energy. It coaxes your thoughts towards doubt and irritation. It focusses your mind on that horrible thing that happened, stealing your attention from the life in front of you.

You hope in a future of peace, where you can make confident choices. You want to spend your time enjoying close connection with others, turning down the background noise of your mind, and embracing rest and accomplishment.

Together, you and I can get you there. In therapy, we’ll peer behind those difficult emotions in a safe and judgement-free environment and empower you to step into the peace you long for.
Learn to sooth big emotions through EMDR

Sometimes our emotions feel like a train that can’t slow down. I’ll lead you through a few techniques of EMDR to help you practice soothing the emotions that are coming up for you, so you can return to feeling like yourself again.


What kinds of problems do you help with?

I help individuals and couples navigating hard-to-manage emotions, and individuals recovering from difficult past experiences. I use EMDR, a structured approach to working through trauma safely, as well as Restoration Therapy to help individuals and couples work through difficult emotions.


How much do sessions cost?

My fee is $140/session. I occasionally can accommodate sliding scale appointments. I offer super bills for out-of-network insurance reimbursement. Call our care coordinator with any questions about fee.


What do you like about being a therapist?

Making the decision to enter therapy is hard. I enjoy helping ease that transition for clients. In the chaos of the world around us, I think we all just want a safe place where we can be fully ourselves. I find joy in providing such a place for those who need to talk or process.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles

I practice at 520 S. Grand Ave, in suite 671. Parking can be found in Pershing Square or the Los Angeles Public Library.