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Sometimes the obstacles you face can be overwhelming. Maybe you find yourself unable to focus on work, you’re having panic attacks, or can’t find energy to get out of bed in the morning. Maybe as much as you’ve tried, you can’t make things work with a parent, a child, or a partner. These obstacles can drain your energy, your work, and even strain your closest relationships.

You don’t know what to do to feel okay again. You might feel chronically anxious, overwhelmed, or upset. To make it worse, you can look around and wonder why everyone else seems fine. It’s been lonely and exhausting to hold this weight every day.

Our therapists help people just like you learn emotional tools to overcome their biggest obstacles. We help people move from overwhelm to peace, from disconnection to intimacy, and from chaotic emotions to clear expression of feelings.

The first step toward relief is right before you. Request a call with our care coordinator Amanda. She’ll help you find the right therapist for you at a time that works. While reaching out can feel like a big step, it’s hard to fully appreciate just how difficult it’s been for you to carry this weight alone. Schedule a call today and let’s overcome this obstacle together.

Express your needs in safe relationships
Make clear decisions
Break repetitive patterns
Work through difficult emotions
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We're a community of therapists who provide counseling in Pasadena. We have a wide range of specialties and fees to help you overcome the obstacle you're facing.

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Counseling for Anxiety

Gain control in your life again. Reduce panic, anxiety, and the worries that can keep you up at night.

Couples Counseling

Deepen you connection together. Learn to communicate with openness and overcome your most frustrating repeating patterns.

Counseling for Depression

Live with happiness again. Find a way through the difficulty and overwhelm so you can focus again on the things you love.

Counseling for Trauma

Experience freedom, finally. Trauma doesn’t have the last word. We’ll move through difficult memories and experiences with care, helping you to open a new chapter in your life.

Counseling for LGBTQ Issues

Learn to live with greater self-acceptance and intimacy, embracing your sexual identity.

Testing and Assessment

Get clear insights. A good diagnosis can change your life. We assess for ADHD, anger, addiction, and mood disorders.

Located in the Pasadena Playhouse District

We’re in the Pasadena Playhouse District located at 595 E. Colorado Blvd. Parking can be found curbside or in one of a few neighboring parking lots.

We know finding counseling is hard

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Explore, understand, and overcome longstanding patterns with weekly appointments
Your therapist will regularly review goals and adjust treatment
Find the right therapist and get the help you need

Give us a call today. We’ll help you choose a therapist and schedule an initial phone call at a time that works.