LGBTQ emotion regulation

LGBTQ Emotion Regulation: 4 Powerful and Simple Tips to Survive any Reaction to your Queerness

Managing emotions

Being Queer is something that you’ve worked hard to embrace. You’ve accepted your identity as a fact that you can’t and don’t want to change, and this level of self-acceptance has come with some major benefits. Your anxiety and depression have decreased.  Your understanding of yourself, your dreams, and your likes and dislikes have all increased. Your friendships are rich

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Setting a Centering Affirmation: How 1 Minute in the Morning Can Set You up for Success All Day.

Anxiety, COVID, Managing emotions, Neurology

Stress is everywhere these days.  You’re trying to stay afloat economically.  You’re concerned for the safety of your loved ones.  Some days just seem doomed from the start no matter the effort.  This toll on your body and mind diminishes your sense of hope and peace, until you find yourself grasping to the idea that the best you can hope

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How does EMDR work? Here’s why tapping your knees can make a fundamental difference in your relationships

Anxiety, Managing emotions

It’s so easy to get stressed out by the people around us. You have a parent with a different political or religious perspective than you. Your coworker consistently finds ways to push your buttons. Your partner can’t seem to understand how to squeeze the toothpaste correctly. Whatever it is, you’re a living, breathing unique individual in a world full of

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